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Infertility - Egg donation

Sometimes nature needs a helping hand. Give yourself the best chance. Finding it difficult to get pregnant? Want to know how fertile you are? Considering IVF - looking for some answers?

We are not an IVF department, but we are in close cooperation with two IVF clinics - Pronatal and IVF Cube.

We can offer: testing and what to do if there is a problem, treatment options, treating particular problems and scenarios donor treatment / egg donations.

Do you want to help infertile couples? Join us, and take advantage of our services: Any female who voluntarily agrees to donate eggs, can do so. In addition, a female donor can also be any woman who has an excess of eggs after her IVF treatment. Certain criteria must be fulfilled for a donation to take place; healthy woman between 18 and 35 with a physiological gynecological finding are required.

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